Strong textures, clean lines and rich,
saturated colors are the hallmarks of photographer Michael Crawford and partner Tom Hanus.
Aspire photography work of CrawfordHanus
 One of a series in which I follow shadows of the cross. In Aspire, a shadow of a spire and cross stretch to a decisive moment touching the sky. The shingles were imperfect and varied, yet shone brilliantly in the sunlight. The strong weight of the shadow surprised me. Although it reached up in an inspirational way, it also seemed heavy and in some ways cleaving. 
 This image has been exhibited at: National Annual Show, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA; Flash Gallery, "Minimalism" show, Lakewood (Denver), CO; National Show, "Daguerreotypes to Digital," St. Louis, MO; National Show, "Journeys," Wild Wood Gallery, Beacon, NY; Group Show, The Monadnock Building, "Shadows," San Francisco, CA 
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