Strong textures, clean lines and rich,
saturated colors are the hallmarks of photographer Michael Crawford and partner Tom Hanus.
Piqued photography work of CrawfordHanus
 It rises up, its interest seemingly piqued. The shadow from the strretlamp looms on the eve of a house. Bold green, blue and white colors. 
 This image has been exhibited at: Flash Gallery, "Minimalism" show, Lakewood (Denver), CO; Solo Show, Mill Valley Arts Commission, "Textures of Man & Nature", Mill Valley, CA; National Show, Northwest Cultural Council & Kimball Hill Galleries, "Places We Call Home," Barrington, IL; Group Show, The Monadnock Building, "Shadows," San Francisco, CA; Solo Show, Goodlander Gallery, "And let there be light...", Easthampton, MA 
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